…Dear Fellow BeerMothership Disciples, BeerGirl and BeerBoy Disciples—

MagickTo you Dear Fellow Disciple,
…To You, dear Disciple, who are a Conspiracy Theory;
…To You, dear Disciple, who has made yourself a Conspiracy Theory–
–Who has earned the right to be a Conspiracy Theory;
…In the midst of Western Civilization’s self-made, self-destruction–
—by default—
…Truth, has become a Mystery Cult…
…accessible only by an individual who has transformed
into a living, breathing, thinking Conspiracy Theory—
–into someone willing to trust Magick;
And that is you, dear Disciple…

…BeerMotherShip Disciple—
…Western civilization is dying;
Hail the Ascent of the next reigning Civilization!–
the Civilization we disciples already are citizens of
–Hail the re-ascent of Magick!–

The current mantra of the spiritually deformed Western Civilization?:
“Science doesn’t lie!”
…Disciples, “Science” merely reveals material evidence,
“Material evidence can’t reveal Truth”;
That is a mantra of a healthy civilization;
…Why?…Material evidence is dead; Truth is alive.

…What reveals Truth? Truth is alive. And, so is Magick. Magick is alive, because Magick is a bridge to Truth.

Truth is alive; it has to be. How could Truth be dead, inanimate, and understand, illuminate the living world? Truth has to be alive.

And, Magick is a bridge to that living Truth. Magick is a bridge to the pulsating, eternal Transcendent realm where Truth lives. And by being a bridge Magick manifests parts of Truth into the material realm. And this way Magick is alive.

And Magick is a scientific discipline. Magick isn’t tied to any one theological system, to one religion. Magick can be practiced by those in any religion; because true religion is based in Vitalism.

Every civilization collapses, engulfed by the next dominant civilization. The collapse can come through Nature, say, brought on through a super volcano’s eruption. Or the mortal wound can be self-inflected. Western Civilization mortally wounded itself in the 1700’s when a shift occurred in science.

In 1700’s Europe, and particularly Western Europe, a deformed version of science took control. The name of this scientific worldview is Mechanism. Mechanism denies that living entities are animated by ‘vital energy’ or ‘vital spark’ from the Transcendent realm. Mechanism attempts to prove that non-living and living entities are driven solely by mechanical or chemical principles. This is the type of science that proclaims “You can’t argue with science!”; this is science that denies Magick.

In Western Europe Mechanism usurped control from Vitalist science. Vitalist science sees living entities as having a soul or spirit, a ‘vital spark’; and non-living entities lack this vital spark. This vital spark originates in the supernatural realm. This spark animates Magick. This spark can be extracted from the Transcendent realm, and congealed in the Everyday realm—this is what makes Magick possible.

Fellow BeerMotherShip Disciples, the ‘unsinkable Titanic’—Western Civilization, it hit its iceberg in the 1700’s. Now, in our times, the abandon ship alarm has sounded. Unfortunately, many don’t understand the ship is hopelessly doomed. Some, they think that by rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic-West. Civ., that the sinking, doomed civilization can be saved. Even worse, some see the rising waters as bringing salvation–these souls are lost in all-consuming devotion to Mechanistic materialism.

And, you, BeerMotherShip Disciples?

Be who you are; not what the tail-end of a deformed civilization tells you about yourself. Tie your identity to the eternal Vital Spark.

It is late at night in the life of the sinking Titanic-Western Civilization—the ship-civilization that couldn’t be sunk.

You, Fellow Disciple, you follow the lighthouse beacon of the BeerMotherShip. Following this beacon, spiritually, you stepped off into a lifeboat. That chaotic noise back on the ship, of those rearranging the deck chairs, and those believing the rising waters bring salvation?—trying to tell you who you are—why listen? They don’t have a clue even who they are.

As your spiritual lifeboat sways alone in the stormy dark night, the noise fades to stillness. The glowing, soul-draining energy from Western Civilization tries to overwhelm, and draw you back to the doomed ship.

But, then, nearby, behind a fog bank, you hear music. The fog clears, and you see the magickally lit BeerMotherShip…The ship’s foghorn blasts, and you know the sound is your name—your true name, the first time you’ve heard the name, but, you know, magickally, you know, it is who you are…

A Fellow Disciple,