Magick Manifesto: Finding Yourself

dwelling-in-mystery-A Full text below images. Text over image of lifeboat lost at sea.

Full text below image. Colourful image of David Bowie holding up book with star upon it.

Full text below image. A coil of prayer beads, with a barely discernible coiled viper behind it.

Can’t see the graphic? Read the full text below:
Dear Fellow Beer MotherShip Disciples,

…It feels so real—more real, really, than reality should feel—

–“You’re in the lifeboat, the one you read about in our previous post, Magick is Truth’s Mystery Cult. Bone freezing sea-water hungrily snapping at your life-force…Shrieks coming over the water from soul’s without a clue why they’re desperate. And you, too, fight the urge to shriek. Then, the BeerDisciple MotherShips’ fog horn drones, and wooziness controls you—and reality reconfigures–once again you are surrounded by sights, sounds and smells–belonging to your ‘normal life’”.

…And, yet, in your ‘normal life’—it remains—that slight mental swaying, that’s become ever-present; reality less firm under foot…—you’re settling into a condition, a process, from which a Disciple never returns, a new ‘normal’, —dreaming and awake together—when asleep and awake…

When did this start? That first night after reading Magick is Truth’s Mystery Cult. While you slept, waking-state echoes mixed with your dreams. Now, when awake, you dream a bit—and when asleep—a bit awake.

Let me give you an example of how this symbol-filled discussion has played out in my waking life.

When David Bowie’s CD Black Star came out, I eagerly ordered it online.
This despite not listening to music at home in around 6 months. I had felt I should take a break from listening to music at home. No ‘rationalized’ reason; I merely felt the spirit realm had told me to stop. When I heard about Blackstar, however, I knew my break had ended.

A few days later Blackstar arrived, in the afternoon delivery. I eagerly opened the package, read the album notes, and then started out of my chair toward the CD player. Then some thoughts came to me; sit down–don’t play the CD then–wait until bedtime–before sliding under the covers, put Blackstar in the player, on continuous replay—sleep and listen all night–and, do this every night–until further notice.

And, that’s what I did. Because in the Universe understood through Vitalism, there is no such thing as a ‘coincidence’. The very concept of ‘coincidence’ is a Mechanistic lie.

Several weeks into this night time regimen, I was on my Amazon home page. I noticed a recommendation for me; an album of jazz music from soundtracks. In my car I listen to jazz often. At home, though, I listened to Classical and New Age music.

Well, this Amazon recommendation led me to buy jazz CD’s. For the first time I was buying jazz to listen to at home. And, I found I wanted to focus on jazz from the post-WW II era, through the mid-late 1960’s. And, this went on for several months, buying lots of inexpensive boxed sets, mainly, of mainstream and experimental jazz, post WW II through the 1960’s. And, also some old rock music from this period.

And, still listening to Blackstar every night, turning it off in the morning after praying my daily rosary…

Then, one morning, several weeks into this, it struck me; I wonder if this category of jazz had influence on Bowie during his younger years? I didn’t know that much about Bowie’s life, so I looked him up on Wikipedia. And, I found that, yes, the jazz of the post WW II through early/mid 1960’s had a strong influence on him.

And, yes…From listening to Blackstar at night, I had suddenly developed a new favorite category of music.

But, what compelled me? Going musically silent; second, listening to Blackstar while sleeping; then, third, exploring post WW II jazz? Instinct whispered this would help me hear magick, feel magick. Instinct exists separate from us. We don’t ‘have instinct’. We join instinct. What compelled me? Desiring to further unite with instinct; that compelled me.

Magick is learned by uniting with instinct, and hearing, feeling impulses in the Etheric field, also called the Web of Being.

While listening to the jazz, Instinct’s whispers gradually formed into thoughts. I realized I heard the intertwining of three lines of magick. Not distinctive cultural influences in the musical structure. I heard deep into the music’s core. I heard the vibrations, the ancient echoes of folk magick, embedded at the music’s core, at the music’s ancestral origin birth spark, when it started as folk music influenced by folk religion practitioners.

The three:
Highly Ego based African magick, dangerous like a downed wet electrical wire flitting in a windy storm. There was French magick, sophisticated through its transcendent allegiance toward Altruism. French magick practitioners may well be why the Nazis were defeated. And, the pulses of ancient British Isles magick, from the Isles’ fringes.

And the three interwove, in different jazz forms one being more dominant than the other.

And as the vibrations played in my imagination, it started; the mental swaying, a settling, life’s events became easier to comprehend.

It felt so real—more real, really, than reality should feel.

In hindsight, I realize I first felt the vibrations coming through my rosary beads. In the morning, when I wake, the first thing I do is reach for my rosary. Instinct leads me to do so. And, I kept Blackstar playing.

This, fellow Disciples, is an example of Dwelling in the Mystery Cult of Truth…

Sincerely, your fellow Disciple,

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