david-vault-on-blackDavid was once a pro con. He’s convinced and confused his way to a lucrative living, fooling his unfortunate victims out of their fortunes. He protects himself with good luck charms hidden in a vault.

He’s still a con, but not the predatory kind. There is an inkling of difference between being a scavenger or a predator – to David that inkling is the basis of an entire approach to life. That key difference was brought about by events which now appear in the pages of the new graphic novel series David the Survivor.

In David’s world, good luck charms rule fortune; crows speak psychically, some visible only to him. Rats load automatic weapons and TV ascend toward the sky. David’s connection with ancient monks, spacecraft, televisions, pizza and beer exists on a plane of existence unattainable to average people.

The only friend he can trust is his TV – and his TV has just died. Compelled by a ghost prophet in a red blazer, he’ll embark on a mission to somehow help Amy, with no clear goal or reason. The journey will transform him from predator to scavenger and bring him to a deeper level of reality.

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