Magick Manifesto: Finding Yourself Can’t see the graphic? Read the full text below: Dear Fellow Beer MotherShip Disciples, …It feels so real—more real, really, than reality should feel— –“You’re in the lifeboat, the one you read about in our previous post, Magick is Truth’s Mystery Cult. Bone freezing sea-water hungrily snapping at your life-force…Shrieks coming […]

…Dear Fellow BeerMothership Disciples, BeerGirl and BeerBoy Disciples— To you Dear Fellow Disciple, …To You, dear Disciple, who are a Conspiracy Theory; …To You, dear Disciple, who has made yourself a Conspiracy Theory– –Who has earned the right to be a Conspiracy Theory; —Now— …In the midst of Western Civilization’s self-made, self-destruction– —by default— …Truth, […]

A con artist has to avoid being paranoid, as that will distort perception. And yet, a con artist has always think that nothing is a ‘coincidence’; they must always be on guard… Managing the fine line between paranoid and on-guard is difficult. I’ve become an expert at this—in fact, I’m one of the few people […]

Now you see it, now you don’t–‘they’ say–or do you? That’s what this lesson is about. Put down that bag of chips and TV remote control for a bit, dear disciple. Yes, your beloved one, your TV, is the true love of your life. Even it, though, if you really know how to listen, will […]