BeerBoy 1 to Beerboy MotherShip—Come In MotherShip!!

Welcome and beware, BeerBoy and BeerGirl disciples!

For centuries, ancient unseen forces have been speaking to hermits and outcasts. And in the modern epoch, hermits and outcasts watch TV.

buy-survivor-buttonAmy and David don’t know each other, but they share a secret. For each, their lover is their TV.  When David’s dies and Amy is forced by false friends to abandon hers, powers are unleashed that will open them to a strange New World of Mysticism, Vital Forces and Obscure Missions From Beyond.

Suddenly, every banal aspect of their life is imbued with fresh meaning: crows, pizza, beer and television become vehicles for ancient messages and inexplicable forces, portals to another level of being.

They used to connect with a universe of information on the Internet. But the real, universal internet is just under the surface of everything, waiting to rip the lid off their reality, and enlighten BeerBoy and BeerGirl disciples everywhere. Could you be one of them?

negative image with colourful glowing lines of David Bowie grim-faced holding up a book emblazoned with a star

Magick Manifesto: Finding Yourself